• Anonymous asked, “Who or what inspires you?”

    At the moment I’m unusually prepared to offer up three sources of inspiration in particular.

    • Lately, it has become apparent to me that I’m enormously moved by graphic design.  To some extent I’ve always known this, but it is only in the last couple of weeks or so that I explicitly thought to myself: graphic design inspires me, it stimulates my mind as well as my senses, and to some extent it defines me.  Graphic designers are among our most progressive and important visual communicators, and the work they’re doing, and have been doing, is astounding.  The use of color+form as a wellspring for aesthetic pleasure as well as communication is no where more alive than in graphic design right now.
    • Second is Man Ray.  I also recently developed the epiphany that Man Ray is the single greatest artistic influence on me as a person and as a creative.  This is especially shocking since I honestly haven’t given the man or his body of work a great deal of prolonged thought in the past—most of it has been flowing beneath the surface.  My awareness has drastically changed.
    • Finally, Brahms.  Also recently, and for the first time in earnest, I encountered the profound effect of Brahms—and specifically his work A German Requiem, especially the second movement: Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras (composed 1865-68).